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Civil Engineers and Architects

“Together we create your own piece of civil engineering art.”

We work to develop your own tailored construction project so it can become a real piece of structural art.

This involves close collaboration: the final concept will be based on your constraints and requirements combined with a consideration of the people that will use the structure. This also comprises the surrounding landscape, to produce a final project that is both conceptual and contextual. The project is developed in line with the concept until we find a solution that integrates all requirements into a single unit. The project is then fine tuned in stages, working together to ensure that each stage is optimal.

Our core work is providing civil engineering services, to define and then build your construction projects. To complement these services, we also offer design, architectural, geotechnical and wall coating services, to provide a comprehensive project management package.

Aside from this, we work with multi-disciplinary teams including architects, heating, ventilation, health and electrical engineers (CVSE), security engineers, surveyors and other civil engineering firms, and for specific developments we also cooperate with companies, suppliers and laboratories.

In order to provide you with an optimal project, we have specialists in digital simulation, building information modelling (BIM), underground construction, underpinning and sanitation, as well as light, mobile and temporary structures, with expertise covering the vast majority of construction materials (wood, steel, masonry, concrete & UHPC), and applying innovative approaches to construction.