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INGPHI is a engineering and architectural office specialized in the art of creating and designing structures.

Typically, major structures are located on transport networks, such as bridges, tunnels and stations. These kinds of structures are referred to as “art” in certain French-speaking regions, including Switzerland, because their design and construction requires engineers to be creative, developing their art over time with a blend of experience, skills and their own tastes. Despite being of paramount importance, this creative side of the work is often neglected.

INGPHI helps people to reconsider their perception of civil engineering, shifting the emphasis to the crucially important creative aspect of the work. Rather than just piling different individual structural parts on top of each other, the aim is to design a larger whole that incorporates the various requirements, constraints, concepts, ideas and sustainable development considerations within a single unit that is the perfect fit for the surrounding landscape: a work of structural art.

Indeed, the firm’s name comes from this desire to see civil engineering structures as works of art, combining ING, as an abbreviation of the French for engineer, and the Greek letter Φ (PHI), which is used to represent the golden ratio, a geometric relationship used to create aesthetically pleasing shapes.

INGPHI perceives civil engineering design as a creative process to develop the form, integrate it into its environment, predict loads that it will be subject to, specify materials, define the construction method and then finally compose plans. Our services are personalized and subjective, and our team has developed its own specific design methods for contextual and conceptual structures.

By extension, public buildings such as museums, schools, places of worship, factories and more widely buildings in general all rely on engineering, meaning their creation is closely related to the art of civil engineering. For this kind of project, INGPHI works in close collaboration with architects. The solutions developed respond to the challenges of contemporary architecture, namely shaping spaces and landscapes within a context of continual modernization.

Prior to building, INGPHI programs the on-site work with specifications and detailed plans. During the construction phase, the firm manages the works to control costs, timescales and quality.