After the commissioning of the temporary bridges, the rehabilitation of the Bern and Vevey access ramps started at the beginning of August with the following works:

  • Shoring and jacking of the abutments and piers 21/22
  • Assembly of scaffolding and decking
  • Removing the bituminous overlays and the waterproofing
  • Demolition of the Bern and Vevey abutments
  • Sawing and demolition of the curbs using high pressure water jets
  • Demolition with high pressure water jets of piles heads 21/22
  • Reconstruction of the Bern abutment
  • Reconstruction of the first meters of curbs on the Bern ramp

At the Fribourg and Morat abutments, the works continued with:

  • Placement and sealing of the new bridge bearings
  • Concreting of the bearing supports
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