Works on the Bern and Vevey ramps ended at the start of November 2018. Various work phases followed each other such as demolition and reconstruction of the Bern and Vevey abutments as well as all curbs. Joints over piles 21 and 22, which used to separate the main bridge from the ramps, were concreted and a reinforced and prestressed concrete block was created to ensure continuity. All bridge bearings were also replaced.

The waterproofing layers and the bituminous overlay were completely redone. The overlay is composed of many layers of high performance poured asphalt with a wearing course made to reduce noise.

Finally, all bridge equipment was renewed such as water discharge systems, the road joint at the Bern abutment and all guide rails.

Works on Morat and Fribourg abutments were also finished. Therefor, the road was completely reopened to traffic on the whole bridge for the winter season. On-road works will start again at in spring 2019 with the rehabilitation works of the main bridge.

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