The replacement of the Lumen slab is ongoing.

The Lumen slab covers the backstage and the dressing rooms of the former Lumen Theater, behind the Grand-Pont bridge in Lausanne. The inspection of the existing slab revealed the bad state of the steel beams due to water infiltration and a load capacity limited to 25-tons vehicles.

Therefore, replacement works started in September. The goal was to reopen the slab to traffic as quickly as possible and to clear the room in the arches of the bridge by the end of 2019. Works were executed in two phases of 1.5 month each. On November 30th, the surface of the slab was reopened to traffic without any load limitation.

Works continue underneath the slab with the removal of the formworks for phase 2 and the dismantling of the 12-m high shoring towers. Then the arches will be cleared for the Lausanne Youth Olympic Games 2020 starting in January.

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