After two years of works, the securing and repairing works on Lavapesson bridge are finished.

2018 was dedicated to modifying the static system by concreting the half-joints and rebuilding the abutments. The same year, the access ramps were completely rehabilitated with the reconstruction of the curbs, the concreting of the expansion joints over the piers, the rebuilding the abutments and the complete replacement of the waterproofing layer and pavement. These works were done without traffic which was deviated on two temporary bridges.

2019 was devoted to the main bridge with the strengthening of the cantilevers using UHPFRC struts, the rebuilding of the curbs and the complete replacement of the waterproofing layer and the pavement.

INGPHI acted as project designer as well as construction manager and owner’s assistant. We would like to thank the owner (ASTRA) for its trust during the different project phases as well as the different experts (RGR, Lombardi, Pöyry and Geotest) which contributed to the success of this project and the construction company (Implenia Suisse SA) for works executed in line with the expectations.

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