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Publishing Firm

INGPHI Press is specialized in publications about constructions – bridges, tunnels and buildings – and the creative work of the structural engineer and the architect to develop them.

The name – INGPHI – is derived from the determination to consider load-bearing structures as art pieces. It is the contraction of ING for engineers (ingénieurs in French) and the Greek letter Φ (PHI) symbolizing the golden ratio, representing aesthetically pleasing geometric proportions.

This state of mind extends to our work as publishers.


This book, published in French, presents 18 projects that give an overview of INGPHI’s approach to structural engineering. INGPHI aims at treating all structures with the same level of attention and integrating all the program’s requirements into a unique structure.

This book demonstrates the importance of the engineer’s creative work, which, by his experience and sensitivity, allows designing unique, well balanced and artistic structures.

The book format respects the golden ratio and the cover paper is inlaid with cement grains.



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