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The rehabilitation works of the two access ramps of the Lavapesson bridge cannot be carried out with traffic, as they are too narrow. Therefore, temporary bridges were built to keep the access to the main bridge while works are done on the ramps. As these structures are temporary, their construction was rationalized and optimised as much as possible. The steel structure is rough, and all the connections are bolted, allowing for easier erection and dismounting of the structures. No bituminous overlay is placed on the bridge deck slab and the concrete surfaced is textured to insure sufficient adhesion.

Both bridges allow traffic on the highway junction Fribourg-North. Their length is 85 m for the ramp on Bern-side and 50 m for the one on Vevey-side. The maximum span is 12 m. These bridges are made with a steel structure made exclusively with steel profiles commonly available on the market. The bridge piers are made as braced frames and the deck is done with 4 HEB 650 beams continuous over 2 spans. The deck slab has a standard total width of 5.50 m and widens close to the connection with the existing bridge. The deck slab is a composite slab with cast-in place reinforced concrete partially connected to the steel structures with shear studs. At each end, temporary road dykes are built to insure the connection with the highway


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