The invert of the basins is about to be completed

After the earthworks that extracted some 56 000 m3 of soil from the Vengeron hillock, the construction of the inverts of the future basins is nearing completion. Laid on a 15 cm gravel bed to ensure drainage, the inverts of the basins, which have a total surface area of about 4000 m2, are being concreted in five stages of about 400 m3 each for a constant thickness of 50 cm.

These inverts are concreted with a minimum wall height of 10 cm in order to optimize the waterproofing detail at the foot of the wall. The reinforcement in waiting coming from the inverts will make it possible to embed the walls of a variable height between 3.20 m and 6.50 m. The concreting of these walls will begin in mid-March.

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