1st prize, 2nd position

The proposed pathway is fluid and organic, with a route close to the desire line. The goal is to be short and quick while working with the existing landscape. Therefore, the pathway undulates between the hills and the highway access ramps. It first follows the ramps before leaning on them to rise and cross the highway with a bridge. Everything is interlaced and aims to be as effective as possible.
The bridge is a continuous curved steel box girder with a triangular cross-section and an orthotropic steel deck. This steel structure is light and powerful and different from the various structures around the highway, mainly made of concrete.
For the users, this pathway is fun! A smooth crossing over the highway, fluid and organic, protected by railings made of thin steel balusters. These balusters bring rhythm to the movement on the bridge, as does the snow fence made of stainless steel chain-mail grids which shine lightly in the light.

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