Works on the Lavapesson bridge started in April, on and off the road. The on-road works are done by phases to continuously maintain 3 traffic lanes on the bridge and limit the disruptions to the highway junction.

During the first work phases, the following operations were carried out:

– Erection of the scaffoldings
– Shoring and jacking of the bridge deck at the Fribourg and Morat abutments
– Demolition and reconstruction of the first part of both abutments
– Jacking of the central part on the centerings
– Demolition of the half-joints with high-pressure water jets
– Concreting the anchor blocs and drilling passages for the placement of the external prestressing
– Preparation works for the temporary bridges
– Rehabilitation of the concrete inside the box girders, between both half-joints
– Excavation and construction of the footings for the temporary bridges
– Construction of the embankments for the temporary bridges

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