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Winner of the competition in 2018 by proposing a wavy route following spline shapes for the soft mobility crossing of the route de la Pierre, INGPHI was awarded the footbridge project passerelle de la Pierre for all the SIA phases.

The footbridge connects the chemin des Chênes to the chemin des Crêts by criss-crossing between the slopes of the road. Its curved layout in plan and elevation makes it possible to achieve a true contextual and conceptual path. Its structure is a steel caisson describing a hexagonal shape in section rigidly supported at the abutments and on the two intermediate piers in the manner of a full bridge. The 60 m long structure has spans ranging from 14 to 24 m. It is distinguished by its thinness, which guarantees its integration into the landscape.

The construction work has now been awarded and will begin in the spring of 2021 with the construction of the reinforced concrete foundations, piers and abutments. At the same time, the steel structure will be manufactured in the workshop, then transported in three parts and assembled on site.

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