The modernization of infrastructures is one of our missions.

This was perfectly fulfilled for the rehabilitation of the Riddes viaduct with, in particular, the installation of a layer of high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UFRC) on the slab to seal and reinforce it over approximately 22,000 m2.

Reinforcing bridges to connect people, it is with this message that the entire INGPHI team wishes you happy holidays and a beautiful 2022.


Project owners – FEDRO Thun branch and Canton of Valais

Project author – INGPHI SA

Construction company – Consortium VEMA 111 (Jean Weibel SA, Walo Bertschinger SA, Dénériaz SA, Evéquoz SA)

Photo credits – INGPHI SA (panoramic view) and Adrien Pilet (drone view)

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