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The project included three corniche structures and an underpass located on the RC 731 road connecting Territet and Glion in the municipality of Montreux and was included in the work to make the regional road network accommodate 40 ton traffic.

The first project was the Flon corniche and the Territet–Mont-Fleuri funicular underpass. The 81 m (266 ft.) long corniche consisted of stone masonry vaults and a reinforced concrete widening. The widening was composed of buttresses and transversal beams that support the sidewalk and part of the roadway. The underpass was made of a composite slab spanning 5 m (16 ft.) that rested on masonry abutment walls.

Both structures showed significant concrete deterioration and water infiltration. According to calculations, the underpass and the sidewalk slabs had insufficient bearing capacity.

The project included strengthening the existing corniche structure, replacing the underpass slab and reinforcing the sidewalk slab with a layer of UHPFRC. A layer of non-reinforced UHPFRC was applied over the remaining upper surface of the corniche to continuously waterproof the concrete sections. Deteriorated masonry and reinforced concrete were locally stabilized.

The oldest part of the funicular underpass was demolished. A new reinforced concrete slab was created, connecting it to the existing part of the widening. The underpass slab was waterproofed using a layer of UHPFC.

The targeted use of UHPFC has effectively enhanced and increased the longevity of the existing structure.

The other corniche structures were reinforced in a similar way.

  • Owner

    Road Department of Canton of Vaud

  • Civil Engineer

    INGPHI SA, Lausanne

  • Provided Services

    Detailed Design
    Supervision of Construction Works

  • Technical Characteristics

    Length: 81 m
    UHPFRC: 20 m

  • Period

    2013 - 2014

  • Construction Company

    Implenia Suisse SA, Martigny

  • Geotechnical

    De Cérenville Géotechnique SA, Ecublens


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