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Epesses Corniche

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The Epesses corniche is located on the RC 763 road, on the way out of the village of Epesses towards Chexbres. It is located in Lavaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so the transformation had to maintain the look of the existing road. The corniche supports the roadway, including an extra width for parking spaces and a sidewalk.

The original structure consisted of a stone masonry retaining wall supported by non-reinforced concrete buttresses. A reinforced concrete slab supporting the sidewalk was placed on the wall and buttresses. The entire structure needed to be replaced given the poor general condition of the original structure. It was demolished in parallel with the general excavation, and a temporary soil-nail wall was used to keep the roadway in operation.

The new corniche, which follows the geometry of the roadway, is composed of a reinforced concrete wall embedded in a footing. At the top of the wall, a cantilevered slab supports the sidewalk. To preserve the appearance of the existing stone masonry wall and integrate the new wall with the vine walls typical of the Lavaux region, visible sections of the new reinforced concrete wall were covered with stone masonry facing. This facing was made with the stones from the old masonry wall, and it was grouted using the rasa-pietra method, which consists of partially covering the stones with the grouting mortar.


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