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M2: Délices Station

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Délices is one of the stations on Lausanne’s new M2 metro line. It is built on the route of the former Lausanne-Ouchy metro.

The station is approximately 56 m (184 ft.) long and consists of a trough, two platforms, retaining walls and a roof slab. The trough supports the rails. The platforms rest on the trough on either side and extend to the retaining walls and then lead to ramps and access stairs. The retaining walls are firmly embedded in the platforms. The various parts are all made of monolithically connected, reinforced concrete.

The geometry of the station was modeled in 3D to ensure the slope of the railbed and the slopes of the access ramps line up correctly.

The station is covered with a concrete slab that is supported by composite bi-articulated columns and stabilization walls. The roof is therefore able to accommodate urban development overground and protect the rail line from the weather.

All the railway technology required to operate the automatic metro is integrated in the station in several service rooms.

A reinforced concrete entrance structure was built on the ground to provide shelter from the outdoors and signal the entrance to the station.

Building in downtown Lausanne necessitated the alteration of several conduits and channels. Work was performed in successive stages with soil-nail walls.


Project team

Ninh Tran

Associate - Internship supervisor - BIM Manager & Draftsman and builder

Map Localisation

Lausanne (VD)

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