On November 6th, 2018, the second and last phase of the rehabilitation project of the mountain-side Flon bridge ended. The three lanes were reopened to traffic, two weeks early on the initial planning.

During this work phase, that started on August 15th, 2018, the following work was done:

  • Removal of the cover concrete on the top side of the deck slab using high pressure water jets and strengthening with an overlay of micro-concrete;
  • Removal of the concrete curb with high pressure water jet and replacement by a concrete parapet;
  • Concreting of the 4 half-joints of the lake-side longitudinal beam;
  • Strengthening the lake-side longitudinal beam with carbon fibers
  • Construction of the manholes for abutment joint inspection and placement of the road joints

The mountain-side Flon bridge was originally a structure made of 5 independent parts linked by half-joints. It is now a monolithic and continuous 430-m long structure.

Concreting the half-joints modifies the behavior of the structure which leads to important structural interventions. However, this work is proportioned and beneficial to the bridge as shown by the rehabilitation project on the mountain-side Flon bridge.

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