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Beaulieu Apartments

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Losinger Construction SA built a group of apartment buildings on the site of the former rural halls of Beaulieu Palace Congress Center in Lausanne. The architectural concept includes eight “urban villas” designed as objects in a park, as well as an independent building.

The extensive use of basements, the desire to introduce light into the basements, and the choice to ventilate everything naturally explains why the buildings are slightly above the ground. The raft foundation connecting the buildings is a parking garage with utility rooms. The slab on the basement is cut out around the buildings to bring natural light into the parking garage. It is covered with a substrate for growing meadow and low-lying plants.

The new buildings were made of reinforced concrete. They consist of reinforced concrete slabs supported by a central core and peripheral columns. All the columns were arranged inside the buildings to free up the balconies. The resulting cantilevers are supported by the concrete slabs. The prefabricated facades were made of concrete and installed progressively, although they are not load bearing.

Minergie criteria required that dual-flow ventilation be integrated into the 22 cm (9 in.) thick floor slabs.


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