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Beaumont 4-in-1 Urban Villa

  • Competition
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  • Execution
  • Construction

The villa is composed of four apartments each having its own typology. Each unit is three stories tall. They are nested together and organized around an interior patio that floods the entrance with natural light.

The excavation was done in soft ground and rock. The load-bearing reinforced-concrete structure is composed of slabs that were monolithically connected to the facades and the interior walls.

Despite their “rough formwork” appearance, the brown tinted concrete facades required special attention, pushing concrete construction limits to the extreme.

These innovative construction methods integrate a number of aspects in the concrete structure: rainwater channels, rebar between the slabs to reveal only one visible joint on the walls, stair supports, and window and door recesses. Finally, the façade of each apartment was treated differently (rough formwork, bush hammering, sanding and staining) to make it unique.


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Lausanne (VD)

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