Detailed information on the work

The Grand-Pont, a multiple-vault masonry bridge, designed by Adrien Pichard and open to public in 1844, has undergone numerous transformations with the filling in of the lower vaults in 1874, the widening with a metal framework in 1891 and the one in 1933 with reinforced concrete; it is classified as a note 2 in the heritage of the canton of Vaud.

The Grand-Pont will not be destroyed…

It is only the 1933 concrete slab and struts that will be demolished, and a new, thinner slab will be rebuilt above the masonry, allowing it to stand out; the latter will also be purged and cleaned as part of this work.

The railings dating from 1891, which are part of the life of the people of Lausanne, will be reinforced, and partially reused. In the same rhythm as the existing vaults, new candelabras with two basins will be installed to create a specific atmosphere on the Grand-Pont.

The temporary footbridge, which has been in use since the end of the year, allows pedestrians to be redirected and frees up the structure to allow the work to progress at a great pace.

The work is rapidly advancing and it will allow the Grand Pont to be back in service by the end of the year, thanks to the involvement and collaboration of all those involved.


Project owner: City of Lausanne, Department of Mobility and Development of Public Spaces

Project author: IG group, led by INGPHI SA with Bächtold & Moor AG

Construction company: Walo Bertschinger AG

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